Check out what our fans have to say.
From: HARTE-Mail: hartlramirez@prodigy.netDate: 5/16/05, 10:52 AM
Hey, looking for chris, are still starting another project? I used to play guitar for deadbeat sinatra and lost your phone number. Let me know whats goin down.  
From: Richie MendezE-Mail: boomboomfilms@mac.comDate: 3/23/05, 4:39 PM
Pimp e-mail me I need to ask you a ?  
From: Kimberly GuerraE-Mail: Mystikkraze@aol.comDate: 3/10/05, 2:21 PM
Hi guys!!!

Just wanted you to know that i live in Ohio and go to clubs all the time here. But known of the bands are as tight as you!!! e-mail me!!

Rock on,
From: hottyTTgrlE-Mail: tillyload@yahoo.comDate: 3/10/05, 1:10 AM
Yo Killa! U must invite this grl to a show- so get onit!!! Jam dudes. . . wutcha waitn 4???  
From: Kimberly GuerraE-Mail: Mystikkraze@aol.comDate: 3/8/05, 3:45 AM
Hey I just downloaded your music to my hard drive. I do still have the cd you guys gave me!! Is there a new one??? If so I would love to have it!! I miss you guys!!  
From: Kimberly GuerraE-Mail: Mystikkraze@aol.comDate: 3/8/05, 3:41 AM
Hey Guys!!

Remember me!! I haven't seen you in a while!! I met you guys in Anaheim in 2003. Remember I am the one you all had your hands in my hair!!! I will be in California this summer and really want to see you!!! You guys rock!!  
From: Trash DaddyE-Mail: tdstalk@yahoo.comDate: 12/25/04, 4:53 PM
Hey guys what has been going on? I have not heard or seen anything about you for a while. Still playing? New projects? etc...  
From: Erhard & Leticia ScharfeE-Mail: escharfe@socal.rr.comDate: 8/8/04, 12:08 AM
Very cool sound. Can't wait to go to the next gig.  
From: RustyE-Mail: contact@blackmonday.infoDate: 6/16/04, 12:53 AM
Check out Black Monday (featuring former Shot to Hell bassist, Rusty Monday) with FEAR & Agent Orange at The Key Club in Hollywood Saturday, July 3rd. Discount tickets available at  
From: ChrisE-Mail: kaiba332003@yahoo.comDate: 6/14/04, 6:05 PM
Dude, you guys ROCK!!!!!! Clint, the mothership is waiting, COME HOME!!!!!!  
From: Brittany E-Mail: jacoxwell@yahoo.comDate: 6/14/04, 6:00 PM
I love the band!Love the music!Love my uncle Clint more!  
From: you know who i amE-Mail: elslick50@aol.comDate: 6/12/04, 8:41 PM
what the fuck is up with your guys'hair, when you guys used to play at the doll hut you guys were greasers, now you look like motley crew.  
From: AugustaE-Mail: hotrod_dame@hotmail.comDate: 6/2/04, 8:10 PM

I have forgotten how to rock. I miss you. I need you. I LOVE you. That is all.

Yer #1 Fan, damn it.

ps It's really "gay" when people use others' websites to throw up Spam sammiches. Gaaaaaaaaaay.  
From: CarrieE-Mail: carrie07_2001@yahoo.comDate: 4/28/04, 4:16 PM
When are some more shows? ; )  
From: Roger BeardE-Mail: rogerb@nordisk-aviation.comDate: 4/22/04, 7:59 AM
Not as freightening as Judas Priest!  
From: Safety GuyE-Mail: tmardis@socal.rr.comDate: 4/6/04, 8:39 PM
......and you are going to play again when???  
From: Dćmon ChadeauE-Mail: DChadeau@yahoo.comDate: 3/27/04, 9:55 PM
Hey. I haven't heard from you guys in a while. Last time I saw you was the Vampire Bazaar about 3 years ago (w/ The Graveyard Farmers). I still have "Losing Streak" stuck in my head (story of my life, I guess). Rock on!  
From: A Damnable DameE-Mail: hotrod_dame@hotmail.comDate: 3/14/04, 8:55 PM
It is apparent that some of your fans hit the pipe whilst perusing yer site to tell you how much you rock (and stuff.) Well, ok – maybe not all, but definitely that last broad. Hey "Bettie" - take another hit!! Heh. (It's ok, I know that chick.) Well, dope or no dope, truth be told – Shot to Hell is one of the best bands I have heard in a long time, if not ever. Yeah, that’s right. I own a lotta music, too. Just ask yer singer. You rock. \m/ xoxo Augusta  
From: Bong Hit BettieE-Mail: notjustanybroad@yahoo.comDate: 3/9/04, 11:19 PM
You guys are like so totaly rad and stuff. I just like had to, like totaly tell you that your band kicks like total ass. Like keep on rockin, yo ;)  
From: glen fallonE-Mail: meatloafer@bigpond.comDate: 2/17/04, 11:45 PM
hi to you all.

wow you really rock --- love it!!!

can you believe that on 07-05-04 it will be 50 years since the recording of the song that brought rock'n'roll into the mainstream --- thats allright mama by elvis presley --- i do remember those far-off days.i was 13 at the time!!

keep rockin' --- kind regards from down under in brisbane australia -- glen  
From: MikeE-Mail: mbonilla@a2i.netDate: 2/15/04, 11:26 AM
I saw your band at Marlin's on Friday. I really like the music allot. The first band sucked really bad! So I went outside. When you came on everyone outside came inside. So I followed. I wanted to see what was going on. It was Great music and excellent stage presence! Thanks for a great Rock n' Roll Friday night!  
From: Trash Daddy (Tom)E-Mail: tdstalk@yahoo.comDate: 1/25/04, 10:05 PM
Hey guys, I am looking forward to next Saturday. It will be a kick!! I will send you more details as the week progresses!! See Ya, TD.  
From: StevenE-Mail: steven.hodge@home.attbi.comDate: 1/9/04, 1:08 PM
I almost forgot...where can I get a cd? I looked at Tower and Aaron's, but couldn't find anything.  
From: StevenE-Mail: steven.hodge@aol.comDate: 1/9/04, 12:43 AM
Great music! Would like to see you live.Steven  
From: LeslieE-Mail: lester1970@prodigy.netDate: 1/9/04, 10:30 AM
I would like to know when you are playing in the LA area. I like your music, especially Soul For Sale.  
From: ANNETTEE-Mail: ITALMEXCHIC@YAHOO.COMDate: 12/28/03, 2:10 AM
From: cherryl hansonE-Mail: cherryl@trashygirls.comDate: 11/25/03, 5:51 PM
me likes!  
From: Saturday night tattoo girlE-Mail: paintergirl@adelphia.netDate: 11/23/03, 5:19 PM
I would have to agreed, the drummer is super sexy naked and sweaty!  
From: Tatoo Girl begging for moreE-Mail: paintergirl@adelphia.netDate: 11/23/03, 5:14 PM
Yes, I have to say the drummer is super hot naked and sweaty!!!  
From: Robert SandE-Mail: jetskimechanic@hotmail.comDate: 11/9/03, 11:18 AM
Great website, keep up the good work...  
From: Kimberly PohlmanE-Mail: Mystikkraze@aol.comDate: 11/7/03, 6:08 PM
Hey Guys!!!

Remember me???? I would really like to see you play or just see you guys!!!

I am moving to Ohio in about 5 weeks and I really like you guys (you're a gas)!!!

I just would really like to see you before I move!!!!!

Love and kisses,
From: MichelleE-Mail: You know what it is...Date: 11/3/03, 8:15 PM
The drummer looks hotter naked & sweaty.  
From: RosaE-Mail: rosieblossum1973@hotmail.comDate: 10/29/03, 4:04 AM
You cuties were soooooooo good at the Mad Monster Party. When are you playing again? Any shows in Orange County?  
From: JPE-Mail: jpalmer112@yahoo.comDate: 10/27/03, 6:45 PM
Shot To Hell rocks!!!! You were the best band I saw at the mad monster party! I bought a cd from the guitar player mark. I have been listening to it nonstop. Let me know when you guys are playing again. I'll bee there!!
Keep rockin' hard!
From: Lisa & MandyE-Mail: we do not have one yet...Date: 10/25/03, 3:54 PM
We saw you at Club Vodka on Thurs. You guys look and sound great. Especially Pimp & Mark (xoxo). We will be at the next show on Sun, so be prepair for a couple of groupies.  
From: Hope E-Mail: sweetpickle8@hotmail.comDate: 10/14/03, 9:21 PM
yeah no rockaround?  
From: HollyE-Mail: girl_violent@hotmail.comDate: 10/3/03, 5:50 PM
Where were you guys? No show at Rockaround?  
From: Julián PitufoE-Mail: julian_pitufo@hotmail.comDate: 9/28/03, 11:51 PM
Hi! i'm julián from Tijuana, i heard your cd in the house of my ant (Reyna) in san diego and i liked a lot, i hope to see you guys play in s.d. soon, i also have a band called Los Pitufoz from tijuana and we play street punk.

oi oi oi !!!

(sorry about my english is not so good)  
From: cpkE-Mail: mjkidsmom@aol.comDate: 9/7/03, 1:10 PM
Clint you are so hot. When do I get to see you again? M  
From: KimberlyE-Mail: Mystikkraze@aol.comDate: 8/24/03, 6:26 PM  
From: JimmyE-Mail: rompinstompin131@hotmail.comDate: 7/30/03, 11:01 PM
Please add me to your mailing list. I live in OC and would like to come to a show. Do you have a cd that I can buy? Please let me know.

From: SamanthaE-Mail: samiam@go.netDate: 7/22/03, 3:46 AM
Cool site! Please let me know if you guys are playing in the Bay area.  
From: IanE-Mail: imcullough@broadcom.netDate: 7/18/03, 6:37 AM
I saw you guys at Debbie's birthday party. Great show. You guys kicked ass! The other bands were ok, but Shot To Hell blew the roof off!!!! Can't wait to see your next show.  
From: Steven ThompsonE-Mail: sthompson@comcast.netDate: 7/18/03, 10:06 PM
Just listened to your songs on the "Audio" page. All I can say is, WOW! I am blown away. The music is great!  
From: BritanyE-Mail: bgirl@hotmail.comDate: 7/18/03, 4:50 PM
Just dropping a line to say Hi. Great site.  
From: PaulE-Mail: pauly@cox.netDate: 7/18/03, 1:45 PM
Just ran across your site, I love it! The music is great! Whan are you going to do some shows?  
From: TinaE-Mail: bettyblowjob@hotmail.comDate: 7/17/03, 11:22 AM
Why don't you have any pix of your hot bass stud?  
From: HollyE-Mail: girl_violent@hotmail.comDate: 7/12/03, 11:09 AM
Insert --> Sushi it is below  
From: Holly S.E-Mail: girl_violent@hotmail.comDate: 7/12/03, 11:08 AM
I is - sometime during the summer we are going to Beni Hana's - Love ya :) Holly

Clint - thank for your concern for keeping hte peace but it was all in good fun :)  
From: CPKE-Mail: mjkidsmom@aol.comDate: 7/10/03, 10:56 PM that drummer! Very sexy. Would like to see more of him!  
From: VictorE-Mail: vcattalone@hotmail.comDate: 7/10/03, 9:47 PM
Taking some time here to email the baddest rock n rollers around.

Missed the last couple of shows, but dying to see you guys kick ass!  
From: Ronny TotoneE-Mail: totone.ron@comcast.netDate: 7/10/03, 9:22 PM
Great music. Play shows in Pomona!!!  
From: Betty PageE-Mail: bp123@hotmail.comDate: 7/10/03, 9:18 PM
From: LeslieE-Mail: sweet2ooth@aol.comDate: 7/10/03, 9:07 PM
I came across your site and love it. I think you guys have a great look and sound. Please let me know if you are heading to Wisconsin anytime soon.  
From: The Real HollyE-Mail: girl_violent@hotmail.comDate: 7/10/03, 10:46 AM
Hope you punk - don't post using my name - lol -

Hope has the biggest crush on Brian  
From: RobE-Mail: robroysillyboy@hotmail.comDate: 7/9/03, 10:04 AM
Love the site! The music is great! Where can I get a cd? Please let me know when you will be playing some shows.  
From: Mindy WolferE-Mail: skiwolfer@msn.comDate: 5/28/03, 10:21 AM
Hi Mark! Heidi told me to look you up on the net and here you are!!! Your a long ways from 104th St. and our swimming pool. I'm glad you are doing well. Next time you come to visit I will have to have Heidi let us know. We are almost done building our last home. We will finally be mortgage free. Such a nice feeling! Well, if you read this email us back.

Hope to hear from you soon Mark Mc.

Mindy and Steve  
From: Johnny BoyE-Mail: drumhead28@hotmail.comDate: 5/15/03, 12:22 PM
Hey , here's a blast from the past...I remember when PIMP used to listen to THE JAM in hogh school. We would crash in his bedroom that was packed with drum gear. We smoked and drank Lucky Lager beers to all hours of the night. We would road trip ANYWHERE the action was in my Nissan pickup, that we put 35,000 miles on the first year I owned it. We had some great times. Can wait to see a show.  
From: Lary SpearsE-Mail: hotrodhol@earthlink.netDate: 4/17/03, 8:53 AM
Just checkin in...  
From: Saftey GuyE-Mail: tomtom@tom.comDate: 4/12/03, 2:43 PM
How in the hell did you guys get hooked up with Extreme Elvis, this is going to be a train wreck!!!! I'm soooo there!!!! Hey by the way, it's a good thing CD don't wearout, because I've been playing the hell out of Grand Finale. See ya tonight.  
From: JanaleeE-Mail: jacoxwell@yahoo.comDate: 3/26/03, 5:32 PM
You guys are great, but that drummer really ROCKS!!!!  
From: Shot To HellE-Mail: info@shottohell.netDate: 3/22/03, 2:42 PM
Thank you for the interest up north! If anyone has info on which clubs to play, please email us. We want to book a west coast tour and if we can get the low down on the best clubs to play it would help us allot.  
From: Summer DE-Mail: sunnysummer@ssnet.comDate: 3/20/03, 10:24 AM
You need to play OREGON!!!  
From: vixen finkE-Mail: vixenfink@aol.comDate: 3/18/03, 11:20 PM
COME TO NORCAL!!!! i know you love your la babies but cmon, what about up this way?  
From: RobertE-Mail: ponyboy2405@cs.comDate: 3/18/02, 4:38 PM
I have been a proud follower of you guys as far back as Brian Vance.  
From: BudE-Mail: akabud@cox.netDate: 2/28/02, 9:51 PM
ummmm...can you pass the Crown?  
From: Trash DaddyE-Mail: tdstalk@yahoo.comDate: 2/25/02, 12:46 PM
Hey guys check out the site. STH is on our links page. Later, TOM.  
From: Trash DaddyE-Mail: tdstalk@yahoo.comDate: 2/22/02, 10:50 PM
Hey guys, I saw you at the Shack with Beautiful Creatures. I bought the singer a Jack and Coke. You were fucking great!!! We should do a show together. Check out the website,  
From: KimberlyE-Mail: mystikkraze@aol.comDate: 1/21/03, 8:00 PM
Hi Brian, Clint and Mark!!!

I met you guys in Anaheim on the 18th!!! You already know how great I thought you were!!! You promised to email me, if I emailed you. To jog your memory, your hands were in my hair! Oh, and I kept referring to you as LA GUNS.

From: Billy DynamiteE-Mail: billydynamite@sincityinjectors.comDate: 11/2/02, 9:08 AM
Loosin Streak is 2 minutes of ROCK n' ROLL perfection!! I just downloaded it and it beat me with a tire iron. GREAT JOB!!!  
From: princess aimeeE-Mail: blonde_aimee@hotmail.comDate: 10/12/02, 9:55 AM
i'm having shot to hell withdrwals...*sigh*

i'm even starting to forget the lyrics...i know ther's no bondie shakin' her ass for you like I used to!!!  
From: YOUR BROE-Mail: PURO_LAWNDALE_Y_QUE@AOL.COMDate: 10/03/02, 10:08 pm
From: Fred ScuttleE-Mail: fredheaddead@yahoo.comDate: 10/2/02, 5:18 PM
FINALLY!!! a band that knows how to rock it the right way!!! I've been waiting for a band like yours for a long time. HEY EVERYBODY...DON'T MISS THIS BAND!!!  
From: JeffE-Mail: jeffmadmac@aol.comDate: 9/25/02, 3:07 PM
Your band kicks ASS!!!!  
From: SCOTT JENSENE-Mail: sjensen@excite.comDate: 9/24/02, 6:07 AM
From: keithE-Mail: keith@burninglindberghs.comDate: 9/21/02, 4:03 AM
You guys rocked at Mirrors. Thanx for the promo cd, it's tight. Let me know what you thought of the cd that I gave Mark.  
From: josie you-know-whoE-Mail: josieerin@mac.comDate: 9/4/02, 2:15 AM
**SIGH**, what I wouldn't give for a shot tohell show right now. I wore your t-shirt to a party in new york and got hit on more times than ever.  
From: FrankE-Mail: odiesbutgoodies@ntlworld.comDate: 8/14/02, 4:15 AM
good site back soon keep on rockin!  
From: CarolE-Mail: cgeigen@ladpw.orgDate: 6/30/02, 9:58 AM
Saw you guys at Domenico's on Saturday - you guys rock!!! Looking forward to upcoming shows.  
From: Al FrescoE-Mail: 5/19/02, 11:29 PM
Kia Ora from Aotearoa- Dig your site-we'll definately check you out in LA. Possible coming over there in the near future.  
From: AriellaE-Mail: ariella@lynx-cats.comDate: 5/13/02, 6:28 AM
Very appealing site. Fascinating!  
From: fotochickE-Mail: fotochick@aol.comDate: 5/4/02, 2:58 AM
het remember me...I saw you in texas. I was a friend of pimp's once long ago. FYI, think I am moving to long beach in the near future. Would like to catch up.  
From: aimeeE-Mail: blonde_aimee@hotmail.comDate: 5/1/02, 11:27 AM
I miss you guys....

someone in sandiego misses your sexy asses!!!  
From: Danielle DeVilleE-Mail: dani@danielledeville.comDate: 5/23/02, 1:35 PM
Hey there, I initially came here to thank Chris for stopping by my site and signing my guestbook. But after seeing your site and reading some of the guestbook entries, I am curious to hear your music.  
From: geaseballE-Mail: greaseball1122@cox.netDate: 5/18/02, 2:22 AM
Behold, for the great TERMITES will soon rise again!!!! The second coming is near. You have been warned. Support your local greasers.  
From: PattyE-Mail: peppercar91791@yahoo.comDate: 5/13/02, 9:51 AM
Hi Phill!!! Don't hate cats!  
From: hollywoodE-Mail: hollywood_hackett@hotmail.comDate: 5/7/02, 7:53PM
nice site guys. looks cool. check out my band,, Washington DC Psychobilly.  
From: LankstonE-Mail: lankston@yahoo.comDate: 4/30/02, 11:22 PM
Wow!!! Love the site !!! Great job!  
From: deniseE-Mail: snowwhitey@mybluelight.comDate: 4/28/02, 6:29 PM
I saw your show last night at the jailhouse. It was totally bad ass!!!!  
From: Danielle & IsabellaE-Mail: mckfamsd@cox.netDate: 4/23/02, 8:50 PM
We love the band! Especially PIMP. When are you gonna make down to San Diego? Got lots of people that want to see Shot To Hell.  
From: CindyE-Mail: cindysue@hotmail.comDate: 4/14/02, 2:54 PM
Two years ago, I remeber Brian and Robin at the Blue Cafe. It was after the hootenanny...James Intveld was playing and I was there with my friends visiting from Atlanta. Just wanted to tell you how nice you were and that we've always remembered you. I met another guy from your band last night at the Doll Hut, and when he said the name, it rang a bell. So I thought I would drop a line and say "Hi".  
From: JOE ROCKOE-Mail: jroc69@webtv.netDate: 3/23/02, 6:00 PM
From: aimeeE-Mail: blone_aimee@hotmail.comDate: 2/14/02, 10:35 AM
happy valentines day to the hottest bunch of rockstars i've ever known.  
From: CappyE-Mail: pcappy@get.netDate: 1/25/02, 10:32 AM
Pimp kisses ass, licks ass(if they're cute and horny enough) and when he's on stage kicks ass! Gil says to tell him he's a pussy! As always full of shit...Cappy  
From: mattE-Mail: facedreamerl3@cs.comDate: 1/14/02, 9:33 AM
Hey, I just heard your demo from a friend who got it from someone while he was in New Orleans. I liked it quite a bit. Have you guys put anything eles out since? If you have anything that I could order, please email me.  
From: pancakes johnsonE-Mail: crennier@juno.comDate: 1/3/02, 12:20 PM
Thank the Lord. I was delivered from rock-n-roll music last week. I've got this condition where I can't walk and I can't think. I think Pimp's best shot at defeating his long rival Joey from N'Sync would be a career in soccer, semi-professional. And believe it or not, I got injured on the job at Runway, my arm got chopped off adjusting the tv antenna trying to watch the noon news.  
From: tobiE-Mail: typomaniac@freenet.comDate: 12/17/01, 3:47 AM
hey guys, when you read the guestbook you think this band must be great. where can i hear the songs. never heard about sth but want some music. I am from Germany.  
From: PimpE-Mail: pimp@shottohell.netDate: 12/15/01, 6:55 AM
Greetings from Berlin, been partying with Rusty of Black Monday, freezing our asses. Luckily there are lots of hot German babes to keep us warm. Tonight we're hang'n with Harley and the rest of Deadbolt at Wild at Heart. See ya soon.
From: april fallingE-Mail: aprilfalling@yahoo.comDate: 12/05/01, 12:55 AM
yo. i wanna see you guys play. Hook something up in OC soon or else I'll come get ya.  
From: TomE-Mail: spencergroup@aol.comDate: 11/21/01, 3:26 PM
The website keep getting cooler and cooler all the time. looking forward to catching another show in the near future. I'll keep checking for future dates. In the meantime, keep on Rockin'  
From: angieE-Mail: angeleahubbard@aol.comDate: 10/13/01, 12:45 PM
hey brian...sorry i missed your show at the garage. looking forward to the next one;)
Keep rockin hard!  
From: Bubba TrampE-Mail: whitetrash@tomgreen.comDate: 9/14/01, 3:36 AM
Hail Hail spit and drool!! where can I find myself some Shot To Hell tunes? I need it bad. real bad! I'm located in Sweden.  
From: Donnie BoyE-Mail: djsylvester@aol.comDate: 9/8/01, 6:44 PM
Hey Pimp what's up? Great site You guys look like your keeping busy.  
From: Tara Ty WekE-Mail: slapmeimsick@aol.comDate: 8/23/01, 10:00 PM
Hey really want to check this band out!! i found out about it through one of your guys girlfriends at the braid shop on Melrose. So i came to check out the site. the band look awesome the name is great! i'll catch you guys at an upcoming show.
rock on
From: chris rennierE-Mail: chrisrennier@excite.comDate: 8/22/01, 2:47 PM
hey pimp, mike cirillo is educating me on the ways to pull a heist. I'm a level five vegan. I do not eat anything with a shadow. perhaps we can work effectively together, but maybe we'll bitch and complain and be miserable. i hope your band is somehow responsible for the glory days to return you might want to get bob dylan to lay down some really distorted rhythum tracks with a banjo.  
From: SPOOKYE-Mail: lakiara@juno.comDate: 8/3/01, 9:01 PM
From: Lil JoeE-Mail: dontfuckinknow@hotmail.comDate: 7/14/01, 1:04 AM
sorry I missed you in Huntington Beach, catch you at the next one.  
From: Shot To HellE-Mail: info@shottohell.netDate: 7/6/01, 10:59 AM
Hey everybody! We are currently recording a full length CD and will try to put up at least a couple of songs soon! If you have any pics of us, or someone waering a Shot To Hell shirt that you would like to share, please email them to us. We'll keep you posted on all of the exciting Shot To Hell news and upcoming shows.  
From: MarkE-Mail: murando@yahoo.comDate: 5/28/01, 4:31 PM
Someone (pimp?) gave me a cd at the Crowns show during SXSW. Really dig it!! Got a full length? When are you guys coming to Austin?  
From: MelE-Mail: melinda@gotbaggae.comDate: 5/6/01, 3:36 PM
Shot TO Hell kicks ass!!!! Keep on rocking!! Can't wait to check out your show at the Doll Hut this Thursday.  
From: AngieE-Mail: rokrebel@pacbell.netDate: 6/4/01, 10:14 PM
The last show I saw you, it was at the Gypsy Lounge for the benefit show. I was pregnant and my baby seemed to like you then, and she dances to your music now 10 monthes later. Thank you for sending the cd!  
From: Safety GuyE-Mail: tmardis@socal.rr.comDate: 5/26/01, 2:27 PM
Pimp...nice your Mom is proud!!! The leatcher is a little scary, I like that. By the way PIMP, you come near my daughter again, you'll e the "piper down". Kick assat the Tiki Crawl I'll be there. Looking forward to the next cd.  
From: Dave LeyvaE-Mail: thedime@earthlink.netDate: 5/19/01, 5:55 PM
Het Fellas, love the site!! Lookin' forward to doing some shows w/you guys this summer. Keep it real and we'll catch your nrxt show.
From: psycho-billy stomperE-Mail: psychobillystomper@yahoo.comDate: 5/12/01, 5:43 PM
you are definately the best band live...I'm coming to see you at the hully gully on sat 19th.  
From: Soul KrusherE-Mail: rattlehead1000@hotmail.comDate: 5/12/01, 9:03 PM
love the cd. i saw you play at the hully gully. you guys kick serious ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
From: Mojo El DiabloE-Mail: mojoeldiablo@hotmail.comDate: 5/9/01, 1:47 AM
HEY YOU GUYS!!! Mojo the superfan here. I am still gonna get Ricky Menace to have you boys play Soule Kitchen either in July or August. Take your choice. Also, I am bringing the White Trash Debutantes to see you boys play. Kick ass, huh?  
From: ...E-Mail: wbvwv@fhjfhj.comDate: 5/6/01, 1:07 PM
From: Tom FoldenE-Mail: spencergroup@hotmail.comDate: 5/4/01, 9:12 AM
Hi guys. Love the new website. Gonna try to catch your show in Uptown Whittier on May 6th. If not, one in the near future. For anyone who hasn't caught Shot To Hell live, go see them. I've seen them a bunch of times and they ROCK. Keep up the great work. See you soon.
SpencerGroup Communications  

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